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Names of the companies are random.
  • Field SV at incineration unit of A factory
  • Basic design of heat exchanger for B company (measures for compressor after cooler vibration)
  • Design for carbon ash removal from reactor for C company
  • Basic design of hydrochloric acid heat exchange for D company
  • Examination on practical use of hot water extraction reactor of E company
  • SV of construction and field management of scrubber's overhead piping for F company
  • Fatigue mechanical analysis of drum for G company
  • Providing operation manual of pipeline high pressure pig (3MPa) for H electric power plant
  • Examination of external heat radiation measures of 250Ž reactor for I company
  • Sizing of two heat exchangers for J company
  • Engineering of revamping K company's BTX device for energy conservation
  • Trouble shooting for L company's ammonia tower
  • Process design of M company's ammonia recovery system
  • Sizing of two heat exchangers for N company
  • Basic design of the alcohol refinement unit for Philippines (package for bid)
  • Alcohol distillation + check of the performance of film separation for O company
  • Design, production, and delivery of cyclone separator for P company
  • Trouble shooting of the dehydration tank choking for Q company
  • Consultation for the renewal of BTX plant for R company
  • Basic design of liquid-liquid tray for S company
  • Basic examination of the coke removal unit from the ethylene plant for T company
  • Constuction of the experiment at mini plant for U university
  • Basic and detailed design of the adsorption unit for System Eng Service Co., Ltd.
  • Thermal design for the heat exchanger of the skid unit and detailed design for V company
  • Design of waste removal unit for W company
  • Consultation for the disposal of radioactive wastes for X company
Plant Design
Basic design, Detailed design
Construction Manufacturing
Cellpack, Rachig ring
Pall ring, CMR
Calculation Services
Distillation, Heat exchanger,
Tray capacity, etc.
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