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PACKINGS (Cellpack, Rashig ring, Pall ring, CMR)

Epsilon sells the structured packing developed in our company (Cellpack) and general random packings (Rashig ring, Pall ring, CMR).

  • High separation performance that surpasses conventional packings
The vapor-liquid contact efficiency and the effective surface area are greatly increased based on a new principle, resulting in a high number of theoretical stages and low HETP.
comparison of SFP packing performance
  • It is possible to apply to the wide range.
Conventional packingsF
  • In case of a lot of liquid measure,
  • In case of the high pressure such that liquid measure is relatively large,
  • In case of large surface tensity such as the compound system that contains water voluminously,
the performance deteriorates, so there was a problem that we could not help selecting the tray which causes a lot of pressure loss.
Since Cellpack has a structure which distributes the liquid even if there is a lot of liquid measures, it has become possible to use widely in spite of the degree of surface tensity. Moreover, it is possible to use even if there is a lot of liquid measures, and the performance decrease does not occur even in the above-mentioned cases.
  • The economy of the entire device is improved.
There was a limitation in the range of application of structured packings, although they achieve more energy-saving than trays since it is possible to use steam at a low-pressure level due to their merit of decreasing pressure loss. However, Cellpack does not only have the performance which covers the conventional structured packings, but also it can be applied to the field that had been limited to only trays. By using Cellpack, economy of the entire device can be improved, since it is possible to decrease the occupancy expenses of towers, base, etc. and also expect energy-saving which we could have not achieved.
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