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Epsilon offers the following services.

The number of plates and reflux ratio necessary for distillation separation are calculated by using PRO-II, CHEMCAD, DESIGNII.
The heat transfer area and tube layout are calculated by using HTRI.
The performance and design computation of the sieve tray and the valve tray are carried out.
The presumption of reaction rate constant and the estimation of parameter for activity coefficient equations, etc. are performed.
The Jordan decomposition and the Levenberg-Marquardt method (nonlinear least squares method), etc. are used as a calculation method.
The amount of steam and the size of ejector, necessary for the desired temperature of cold water (5-20Ž) and the amount of cold water, are calculated.
The amount of H2 generation from steam and fuel is calculated.
Plant Design
Basic design, Detailed design
Construction Manufacturing
Cellpack, Rachig ring
Pall ring, CMR
Calculation Services
Distillation, Heat exchanger,
Tray capacity, etc.
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