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  1. We will break through the existing technology and design method to proceed into new world.
  2. We offer plant engineering PLATFORM / SOLUTION from unit operation, such as distillation and adsorption, to whole process design.
Scopes in Plant Engineering

1st Plant Engineering

We will execute the basic and detailed design and the technical support of the plant in all. Moreover, we aim at process licensing and soft development.
As the main customer and a joint partner,
  1. We cooperate with the engineering companies that work on EPC.
  2. Our scopes are refinery, petrochemical, and every other chemical plant (such as alcohol, silicone, buthyl rubber, etc.).
  3. We support export engineering.

2nd Development and Sales of New Products

We prepare the equipment related to the plant.

3rd Engineer's Network

We stand up as technical center for engineers to communicate each other.

4th Collaboration with New Technical Fields

We will contribute to biotechnology, power generation, and membrane, etc.

5th Contribution to Academic Fields

We will collaborate with the university, the chemical engineering association, Japan Consulting Engineers Association and so on.
Plant Design
Basic design, Detailed design
Construction Manufacturing
Cellpack, Rachig ring
Pall ring, CMR
Calculation Services
Distillation, Heat exchanger,
Tray capacity, etc.
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